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The Courtney Sanders Show

Oct 5, 2022

Do you struggle with your finances because you believe that you're not making enough? Do you feel a little hesitant to shift your mindset in order to become a woman of wealth? In today's episode, we share the wealthy woman's mindset, even some of the mindset shifts that have to happen in order to become a woman of wealth, many of which you will gonna learn via the special collaboration that we'll talk more about at the end of this! If you're a wealthy woman in the making or you're already a wealthy woman, make sure you listen to this episode!


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Women Experiencing Abundance, Leadership, Transformation and Harmony


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Mentioned in this episode:
Proverbs 31:16:


I'm Every Woman by Whitney Houston:

Psalm 1:

Zechariah 4:10:

The WEALTH Experience:


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