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The Courtney Sanders Show

Oct 29, 2019

The year 2020 is just something that I'm really looking forward to, and so I've thought of the things that I'll be focusing on in order to be successful in 2020 and beyond.

Join me in today's episode as I talk about my fourth quarter musings and my business predictions for the coming year. If you're thinking about the...

Oct 22, 2019

Join me today as I share my takeaways from one of the sessions (shout out to Johnte Archer of J. Archer Insurance Group) in the 2019 "She Said" Women's Conference held recently.

In this episode, I talked about how the notes I've since taken from that event enlightened me into pushing myself to play bigger in every area...

Oct 15, 2019

I've mentioned that I like to stay getting quarter ahead and how at this time, I'm already looking into 2020. And you should be too! :-)

This episode is an inside look of a sit-down with myself as I go over and think about my business' own revenue streams and my plans for them.

Join me today as I share how you can come...

Oct 8, 2019

Already thinking about New Year's resolutions at this time of the year? I do (kind of)! I'm already focusing on finishing the year strong and setting myself up for a better year.

Whether it's a small or a big goal you have that you're working on or you want to work on, it's important to prioritize the ways...

Oct 1, 2019

Breaking a bad habit could be a struggle. There's just something about not doing what you need to do that gives us joy, isn't there?! But when it comes to working towards your goals, you need to start thinking differently.

Today, I am sharing the #1 key to staying consistent that got me to the place where I could be...